Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thai chili beef salad

Getting down to the last of the beef. Wanted to do something different. This gorgeous dinner was from all the bits we had hanging around.

Made a salad base with iceburg lettuce, shaved carrot, shaved cucumber, coriander, spring onions then added thinly sliced fast seared beef which had been marinaded in lemongrass, fresh ginger, garlic and fresh ginger.


Monday, September 22, 2014

I am a starter

Yes I confess, I start gazillions of projects and heaps of them do not get finished. That is why I end up with "orphan quilts". All those blocks started with the intent of trying something new, being enthused and then either not liking the result, finding it boring, or surprise surprise - finding a new cool project to do!! My starting and not finishing has gotten worse since going back to work fulltime. I want to do inspiring stuff only.

This is some of what I have started in the last two weeks.
 Started this project to use the scraps from the projects below.
 Started this and decided to make it into a cushion cover. I might?????? be able to finish smaller projects.
Could not decide whether the low volume above or this bright look was the best. So did both!!!

patchwork and quilting
Yes I am getting on with this. But still don't know what to do with it. Any ideas?

And I helped Eli to start a project of his own.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Gorgeous Angora Rabbit wool

The Angora rabbit wool jersey which I got from the Op Shop, unpicked and re-balled three years ago has finally all been used up.

Well my finishing of things is not legendary. It is well and truely spring and I have finally finished a winter woolly hat for Jakob. He even went on a school ski trip and I could not get it done. So we are now ready for next winter.

The jersey has done well. It had enough wool to make me a cowl, Aaron a scarf , a couple of new born baby hats and now this hat for Jakob.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Reverse bricking

For those of you who are crafters', have you heard the term "reverse stitching"? There is no "unpicking" in my world, it is all stitching no matter what the direction.
The path and garden beds slowly being constructed
Well the landscape gardening we are doing has suffered from some "reverse bricking". I have been teaching myself to be a brickie (I will never make any money from it as a profession as it takes me over an hour to do about 16 bricks!!). Anyway, I have been merrily bricking the surrounds to the new garden bed. (sometimes not so merrily). While Aaron was in Australia for work I thought I would crack on with it.
Just a little fix to do after the reverse bricking.
Sigh, when he came back he pointed out the some of the brick was in the wrong place. So out with the chisel and we peeled away four bricks and there is only one hole to fill, which will be easy.

We have also redesigned the path, so part of the first section of bricking I ever did is going to have to come under the chisel for a bit of "reverse bricking". I got very frustrated with pulling down what took so much effort to put up. But hey - the altered layout will be heaps better.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

I'm with Aaron

Yes we are a crazy family. The idea of these T-Shirts came from a photo I saw of an older couple on a cruise liner. So for Fathers Day we printed these all off and presented them to Aaron. We then wore them all to church and to the Market in the afternoon.

Aaron said it was really weird when people he did not know said "Hi Aaron". We got lots of laughs and look forward to wearing them camping etc.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Loom band craziness

Has it hit your place? I think we must be on the tail end of it as all the items are now at least half the price of what they were. So the other weekend the boys bought a loom and bands for the princely sum of $3. It has certainly given more than that in entertainment value.

Note the finished shirt on the left

The little shirt in Eli's palm took forever to get right. Three goes with me helping and more than that before my assistance was requested. It is great to see his tenacity in wanting to get it right. He has been following YouTube videos for instructions.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What I am working on

At the moment I am working on foundation piecing. I am loving it. Amazing sharp points, easy to do little pieces and looking bright. I saw it on a blog, which then referenced you to the pattern.
Patchwork, Quilting

This has been designed by Janice at Better Off Thread - Linked here to her tutorial etc for this block.
I was going to do an entire circle but then I have the begining of so many quilts that have no ending somehow. So I thought that a cushion or pillow will be better. I am also trying to do smaller blocks because spring is here and there is soooo much to do outside. Trying to fit that all in with working fulltime and presto, not a lot of sewing gets done. But in the meantime I am just getting a thrill from doing the blocks.

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